How to play a golf scramble?

How to play a golf scramble?

From the tee box, one golfer hits their drive in the rough, but the other is on the fairway.The team chooses the fairway drive, and both golfers hit their second shot from that location. …The team chooses to play the shot on the fairway short of the green. …More items…

What is best ball in golf?

Bridgestone Contact e12: NCAA golf balls. Why we like it: Take your school pride out on the course. …Bridgestone: Tour B X. Why we like it: Bridgestone is the ball of choice for Tiger Woods among other PGA Tour pros. …Callaway: Chrome Soft. …Srixon: Z-Star XV 7. …TaylorMade: TP5. …Titleist: AVX. …Titleist: Pro V1. …Wilson Duo Soft+. …

What is the definition of scrambling in golf?

What is a scramble in golf What is a scramble in golf? In golf statistics, scrambling is defined as: The percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better.

What does it mean to scramble in golf?

What Does The Term Scramble Mean In Golf? A scramble game is a game played with as little movement as possible. You should aim your second shot at players who have had their drive selected for hitting on the first try. There are great putters in a scramble team, besides the best from tee to green, as well as the rest from off the tee.