How to make EZ GO electric golf carts faster?

How to make EZ GO electric golf carts faster?

How to make your EZGO Golf Cart Go Faster (STEPS)Adding More Torque. Increasing the torque of your EZGO golf cart will automatically increase its speed. …Get a Motor with a Larger Field Coil. You can replace the existing motor of your golf cart with a series motor. …Increase the Voltage of Your Batteries. …Running the Cart without Much Load. …

How to increase the speed of electric club car golf cart?

How to Make an Electric Club Car Golf Cart Go FasterUse a soapy solution to wash the cart, including the tires. Be sure to remove all of the dirt and debris between the wheels.Remove the seat of your cart and be sure that all internal wires are plugged in tightly and securely so that they are running and operating at their …Be sure that no connections are limiting the movement of the gas pedal. …More items…

How to make EZGO faster?

Gasoline Engines. One way to increase the speed of a gasoline-powered EZ Go golf cart is to add an octane booster when you fill the gas tank.Electric Motors.Speed Controllers.Gearing and Chips.

How can I make my golf cart go faster?

Steps to make your Golf Cart Faster:Alter the gear ratioUse bigger tiresIncrease overall RPMUse a high powered batteryUse a speed chip or magnet