How often should you replace your golf shoe spikes?

How often should you replace your golf shoe spikes?

The general rule of thumb for replacing golf shoe spikes is once every 20 rounds or twice a year. You will know when you need new spikes when: After a long period of time, your golf shoes will become worn out, and it may be time for a new pair.

How do you remove a golf spike from a golf club?

Just put the prongs in the two spike holes and rotate counterclockwise to loosen. The spike will come lose just like a screw. If you do not have a golf spike tool, you can use home tools like pliers or a screwdriver to pry the spikes out. I would recommend the pliers as they are simple to use and usually the spike comes right off.

Can I replace the cleats in my spiked golf shoes?

Here you’ll find all the information you need on replacing the cleats in your spiked golf shoes. We have a complete list of the spikes you need based on the brand of shoe you have. Check out the how-to videos so you know you’re replacing your cleats properly. Replacing your cleats has never been easier thanks to this guide!

How to know which spikes to get for your golf shoes?

To know which spikes to get, you have to see the style of your golf shoe. FootJoy Shoes- Fast Twist (Footjoy M: Project, Footjoy DNA, Footjoy Superlites – PINS) I know, it’s somewhat frustrating that there can’t be one universal spike that fits all shoes.