How much does it cost to golf in Cabo?

How much does it cost to golf in Cabo? Greens fees in the summer are as low as $180 and cost $355 during the high season. The Cabo Real golf course is home to several prestigious golf tournaments, including two PGA Senior Slams, and is regarded as the hardest front nine of golf in Los Cabos. Greens fees range from $140-$280.

How much does it cost to play golf in Los Cabos? 

Rates: October to May June to September
Prime Time (7:00am – 10:48am) $380 $323
Mid Morning (11:00am – 12:24pm) $323 $275
Twilight (12:36pm – 2:00pm) $275 $233

Is Cabo a good place to golf? Four of its 18 courses were ranked among the World’s 100 Best Courses (U.S. excluded) by Golf Digest in 2018: Querencia, Quivira, The Dunes at Diamante, and the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol. That’s an astonishing percentage, especially when you consider the first course didn’t open until 1987.

How many golf courses does Los Cabos have? With 18 courses currently open for play and more on the drawing board, Los Cabos continues to dominate the golf scene in Latin America. In just over 25 years, the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula has steadily increased its roster of superlative facilities.

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How much does it cost to play Diamante in Cabo?

$1,999.00 USD (includes taxes) Reservations are subject to availability.

How much does it cost to rent golf clubs in Cabo?

Rental clubs are $55 or $65, and they finally have new clubs to offer They were pretty beaten up, with slippery grips. Price varies a lot depending on season. Also if you can get a 4some together, you can save a lot.

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