How much does it cost to golf at Quivira Golf Club?

How much does it cost to golf at Quivira Golf Club? 

Rates: October to May June to September
Prime Time (7:00am – 10:48am) $380 $323
Mid Morning (11:00am – 12:24pm) $323 $275
Twilight (12:36pm – 2:00pm) $275 $233

How much is a round of golf at Diamante? Golf rate of $320 (including taxes) includes use of practice facility and refreshments on the golf course. Breaching whales are a common sight from the oceanfront holes during the winter months.

How much does golf cost in Cabo San Lucas? Greens fees in the summer are as low as $180 and cost $355 during the high season. The Cabo Real golf course is home to several prestigious golf tournaments, including two PGA Senior Slams, and is regarded as the hardest front nine of golf in Los Cabos. Greens fees range from $140-$280.

What municipality is Caledon in? 

Peel Region

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Is Caledon a good place to live?

Caledon is a vibrant and safe community that benefits from a strategic location in the Greater Toronto Area. Access to transportation systems, labour force and an unparalleled quality of life makes Caledon the choice to locate or expand your business.

What is Caledon Ontario known for?

Caledon is known for stunning landscapes, farms and relaxing wellness retreats, perfect for weary travellers seeking a quiet refuge from the urban hubbub. Whether you’re an avid gourmand, hiker, angler, equestrian or simply a curious traveller, you can find something exciting and new in Caledon.

Is Orangeville part of Peel Region?

Economy. Orangeville serves as an administrative and commercial hub for Dufferin County, the northern portion of Peel Region, and the surrounding area.

What towns are in Caledon Ontario?

Discover the Beautiful Villages and Hamlets in Caledon Ontario
  • Caledon East, Caledon, Ontario.
  • Caledon Village, Caledon Ontario.
  • Inglewood, Caledon Ontario.
  • Palgrave, Caledon, Ontario.
  • Cheltenham, Caledon Ontario.
  • Alton, Caledon, Ontario.
  • Belfountain, Caledon, Ontario.
  • Terra Cotta, Caledon, Ontario.

Is Caledon a rural area?

Welcome to Caledon

In terms of size, Caledon is one of the largest municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area; however, it is predominantly rural, and has a very low population density.

What is Caledon postal code?

Box postal code: 7230 Street postal code: 7230 Province: Overberg District Municipality Area: CALEDON Suburb: CALEDON Post offices for 7230.