How many people go to the PGA Tour tournaments?

How many people go to the PGA Tour tournaments?

The 2018 edition, won by Gary Woodland, reported attendances of 719,179 for the entire week, including an overwhelming 216,818 on the Saturday. Needless to say, that registers as the highest number of people officially through the gates for a golf tournament anywhere in history.

How many people play golf in the world?

Around 77 percent are male, leaving female golfers to make up only a little more than 22 percent 3 million of these people are new golfers, playing on a golf course for the first time (a record-breaking number of new players) Almost 6 million playing are young people, the age group of 18-34 year olds

How many players do you need for a golf tournament?

If you are hosting an 18-hole tournament, you have a maximum of 144 players. By reducing this by three teams, you’ll lose 12 players. However, that 3-hole wiggle room can help ensure that the golf course doesn’t get backed up. Cap the tournament at 132. If you’re trying to absolutely ensure a comfortable pace of play, reduce the number further.

How many golfers are in a group?

Larger groups, however, may get together to play at the same course by dividing themselves into threesomes or foursomes and playing separately. Groups of two to four golfers may simply play for fun, as a social activity, or for competition. The varieties of competitions available to golf groups is practically endless.