How many mini-golf courses are there in the world?

How many mini-golf courses are there in the world?

After its initial boom up until the 1930s, where there were an estimated 25,000 miniature golf courses, mini-golf lost some momentum. There are an estimated 5,000 mini-golf courses across the USA in modern times. The game/sport itself remains, however, a popular one. Mini-golf is just as popular in Europe. Germany alone has around 4000 courses. 17.

Where can I play mini golf in South Carolina?

Myrtle beach in South Carolina has the most miniature golf courses The state’s very own Myrtle Beach is often dubbed the “mini-golf world capital,” and for a good reason too. This South Carolinian town boasts more than 50 miniature golf courses.

What are the landmarks in a mini golf course?

Paul Bunyan, the Statue of Liberty and a roulette wheel represent the items for the United States courses. Some of the international landmarks in the design include the Taj Mahal and London Bridge. Around the World provides a combination of fun mini golf along with a nod to history. 5 The Fringe

Where are the best mini golf courses in the US?

The Mini Golf at Big Cedar Lodge course provides some of the most relaxing mini putt experiences in the entire country of the United States. Missouri is the location here with the course having nine holes with different set ups along the way. RELATED: 10 Best Places To Visit In Florida