How many hybrid covers do LPGA players carry?

How many hybrid covers do LPGA players carry?

Seeing two hybrid covers in the bag of an LPGA Tour player is common. While 3- and 4-irons are common on the PGA Tour, the longest iron in many LPGA bags is a 5-iron. Stephanie Meadow says she uses a 4-iron only two times a year, and that’s only at links courses. “I only have one hybrid, and a 5-iron is my longest iron,” Meadow said.

What’s in your golf bag?

The necessities go in, the junk stays out. Four-time European Solheim Cupper and one-time LPGA winner Caroline Masson is a perfect example. There are the usual items in her golf bag: a Sharpie, a quarter for a ball mark, Band-Aids, used gloves and rain gloves. She carries two new golf gloves, rain gear, an umbrella and a towel.

What should a male golfer learn from an LPGA player’s bag?

There are four things golfers, especially male golfers, should learn from an LPGA player’s bag: 1 Most play cavityback irons. 2 Most replace long irons with hybrids. 3 Most play more flexible (i.e. softer) shafts. 4 Most don’t carry wedges with more than 60 degrees of loft.

What are the best golf clubs for the LPGA?

It is quite common for LPGA players to have woods with more loft as the extra height helps them stop the ball on firm and fast greens. Her Ping 5 hybrid is the only non Titleist club in her bag. She carries this as well as a 5-iron, presumably because the 5 hybrid carries the equivalent distance of a 4 iron.