How many golf balls fit in an airplane?

How many golf balls fit in an airplane?

23.5 million golf balls will fit in an airplane of the diameter of the ball is 1.6 inches and the plane is 747. How many golf balls fit in a Boeing?

How big is a golf ball in a 747?

The 747 -400 has a passenger volume of 876 cubic meters, plus a cargo volume of 159 cubic meters, for a total of 1035. A golf ball has a diameter of 42.7 millimeters. That’s, 0.0004076451. V1= Volume of larger space. But we’re not done here, you can only fit spheres with a certain efficiency.

How many people would it take to pick up a 747-8F?

When you tipped up your 747–8F to pour out all your golf balls at the destination it would take a team of 50 people at least 10 hours to pick them all up excluding tea breaks and lunch and assuming you have another team of 40 to carry the boxes away.

How many cubic feet of cargo can a Boeing 747 hold?

So here’s some updated numbers; Volume capacity of main deck and lower cargo hold 26,454 cubic feet for a B-747–400F. The latest version, the 747–8F is 30,288 cubic feet. A ping pong ball is roughly the same size as a g…