How many degrees is a 3 wood loft?

How many degrees is a 3 wood loft?

There is some overlap from the driver and hybrid at each end of the spectrum, but those 4 degrees generally are consider 3 wood lofts. When I asked you what the loft of your 3 wood was, this is what you said:

What is a 3 wood golf club?

A 3 wood is also referred to as a fairway wood, simply because golfers use it while they are on the fairway. The 3 wood is used when you are 175 yards or more from the green. A 3 wood weighs around half a pound (210-220gm) and has a loft of 16 degrees. If you are not familiar, the loft is the angle of the club’s face.

Should a 3-wood go further than a 5-wood?

Shouldn’t my 3-wood go further because it has less loft?” You would hypothesize that a 3-wood (for argument’s sake a club with 15 degrees of loft) would travel further than 5-wood (a club with 18 degrees of loft), because, just like irons or wedges the lower-lofted ones should travel further—FALSE!

What is the difference between a 2 iron and a 3 wood?

The 3 wood enjoys a lower loft of around 13 to 17 degrees while the 2 iron has a loft of 18 degrees or more. The principle in golf is that the higher the loft, the shorter the distance the ball stays hit with the club. Purely from this perspective, you would think that you can hit a long distance with the 3 wood than with the 2 iron.