How many clubs are in a full set of Golden Bear?

How many clubs are in a full set of Golden Bear?

Golden Bear Golf Clubs. Full Set. Irons, Woods, Hybrids. Used. Ladies Golden Bear XS Tec Complete Golf Set-12 Clubs, Bag W/HCs – Near Flawless! Golden Bear XS 460 Golf Complete Golf Club Set hybrid 3-Driver. 11 Clubs & Bag. Golden Bear Tracker BT-2 Putter Copper Face Golf Club 35" In. Steel Shaft NICE!

What makes the Golden Bear Golf Club so special?

Settled on a gorgeous landscape of gently rolling terrain, thick woodlands and a chain of beautiful lagoons, the Golden Bear Golf Club delivers a sensational golf experience. The championship golf course is all finesse and strategy, and a must-play for both locals and visitors alike.

Are the Nicklaus Golden Bear golf clubs good?

The Golden Bear clubs were easy to find by Nicklaus, and many sets were also sold. Sets were an excellent solution for those who are new to golf or want to save some money on their clubs. The Golden Bear golf clubs were an overall leader in the value category over many years. Golf has acquired the Nicklaus business.

What happened to the Golden Bear?

Probably got swallowed up by the machine. A good friend of mine in the industry for many years used to handle all of the acquisition, production and assembly of the Golden Bear line for all the years it was out so I can shed a tiny bit of light on this for you.