How many cards do you put in a 52 card game?

How many cards do you put in a 52 card game?

Four or more players use two standard 52- card decks plus 2 or 4 Jokers . Each player is dealt 6 cards face down from the deck, the remainder is placed face down and the top card is turned up to start the discard pile beside it. Players arrange their 6 cards in rows in front of them and turn 2 of these cards face up.

How many cards do you need to play golf?

FOUR CARD GOLF This is the most commonly played form of Golf. The game uses a standard 52 card deck for 2-8 players, if there are more than 8 players who wish to play, two decks may be combined.

What is eight card golf and how is it played?

Eight Card Golf is played almost identically to six card Golf, however, the layout is 2 rows of four cards as opposed to three. One deck is used in games with 2-4 players and more decks may be added as needed.

How to play golf card game?

Just like the outdoor game of golf, the card game known as Golf has a goal of keeping the score as low as possible. The game requires two decks of cards and at least two players, but the more players the more fun the game. You pick a dealer and the dealer deals nine cards to each player.