How important is flexibility in the golf swing?

How important is flexibility in the golf swing?

As a result, we as golfers understand the importance of flexibility for golf. Where we commonly get off track relative to swing flexibility is what muscles require flexibility to execute a proficient golf swing. Not every muscle in the body needs to be flexible to execute a proficient swing.

What is a flexibility program for golf?

In the most basic of terms, a flexibility program for golf must create extensibility in the musculature surrounding the ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders, and wrists. The hips tend to be a troublesome area for many golfers as it pertains to joint mobility.

Why is stretching so important for golfers?

For the body to move more efficiently a warm up is essential and stretching is part of this. As athletes get older stretching becomes even more important for reducing injury. A golf swing is very dynamic and stretching techniques help with the efficiency. Stretching must be an important part of you pre golf routine.

What are the most important factors when playing golf?

Flexibility, strength, balance, skill and coordination are all important factors when playing golf. Flexibility and strength are the grass roots for the development of the coordination, skill, stability and balance. These skills are important in any type of sport.