How do you use the swing arc to clear your hips?

How do you use the swing arc to clear your hips?

Here’s how you can use the Swing Arc to clear your hips. Take your golf setup. Position the Swing Arc on the ground between yourself and the ball. One end of rod should be about where the ball is, with the rest of the rod curving out to the left of the target line (if you’re right-handed).

Should you clear your hips in the golf swing?

Rotation in your hips facilitates rotation in your torso, which in turn helps you pick up speed in your golf swing. Now, there are other benefits to clearing your hips beyond speed and contact. But I’m not going to dive too deep into that for this article.

How do you get to the ball last in golf swing?

From the start of the downswing, the sequence of body core rotation releases power from the legs to the hips to the core and shoulders, and the arms, hands and golf club are the “followers”, getting to the ball last.

How important is it to clear your hips through the ball?

If you can clear your hips through the ball properly swing after swing, you may be able to produce more speed than ever before – and you may make your swing more consistent in the process.