How do you use a right-handed golf club?

How do you use a right-handed golf club?

If you place a right-handed club head on a flat surface, with the bottom of the club head laying flat on the surface and the club face directed toward you, the hosel (the portion of the club head that attaches to the shaft) will be angled to the right.

How do you know which side of the golf ball is right?

Knowing Your Right From Your Left If you’re a right-handed golfer playing a shot, your left side should point toward the target area while your right side should point away from the target. From the perspective of standing along your target line facing the tee, you should stand directly to the right of the ball if you’re right-handed.

Which hand do you stand with when playing golf?

As a right-handed hitter, or golfer, you will stand to the left of the plate or ball with your left hand at the bottom of the bat or club. The opposite is true if you are a lefty. The best way to determine which hand is dominant when playing golf is to go out and practice swinging a club.

What is the difference between right and left-handed golf clubs?

Similarly, a left-handed golf club will have a hosel (where the club head is attached to the shaft) angled to the left. This way, a player using a right-handed golf club will stand on the right to hit the golf ball, and a player using a left-handed golf club will stand on the left.