How do you put a choke on a golf cart?

How do you put a choke on a golf cart?

Most golf cart chokes are designed like a knob or a button. You can find the choke knob beneath the driver’s seat, towards the floor mat. Locate the choke button/knob. Then turn your cart on. Place your foot on the accelerator pedal and apply force. By doing this, you’re cutting down on the airflow to the engine while the engine takes in fuel.

How do you turn on the ignition switch on a golf cart?

Take your screwdriver, and gently but firmly shove it into the ignition switch. The idea here is that you’re going to use your screwdriver as your key. The thing about that is most E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts have actual keys that turn tumblers in the keyed ignition switch. That’s why your key has ridges.

How to start a golf cart with a screwdriver key?

To defeat that, you’re going to basically pick the lock. You’ll have to wiggle your screwdriver up and down, keeping just a little tension on the switch. This will eventually loosen up the tumblers and allow you to turn your screwdriver key, flip the ignition switch, and start your golf cart.

How do you start a golf cart with no gas?

To fire up certain four-cycle engines with almost no gas, you will have to remove all the air from the carburettor. Before starting the vehicle, empty the old gas and replace it with new fuel. The air filter of the golf cart can freeze through periods of idling.