How do you cut a golf club shaft with grip tape?

How do you cut a golf club shaft with grip tape?

Use the rotary tool to cut the club shaft along your marked line. Smooth out the end of the shaft with a piece of fine grain sandpaper. Start at the end of the club and wrap grip tape around the shaft. Overlap the previous layer of tape slightly to keep it tight.

How do you measure a golf club?

The hosel is the portion of the club where the clubhead is connected to the shaft. The straight edge should be pressed as close as possible to the shaft. Now, read the measurement at the bottom of the grip cap. This should tell you the length of the shaft. Iron: The one iron club is a little over forty inches in length.

How to shorten a golf club?

How to Shorten Golf Clubs 1 Insert the golf club into a shaft clamp and tighten the clamp to keep the club from moving around while you work on the grip. 2 Use a utility knife to cut the side of the existing grip. Pull off the grip and discard it. … 3 Wrap masking tape around the area of the shaft that will be cut. … More items…

How to cut a golf club to size?

Cut off the grip. With a utility knife, carefully make a cut along the grip. Remove the grip and dispose of it in the garbage. Remove the tape. Underneath the grip, you will find tape. Remove this by peeling it off. Measure the desired new length of club. With the measuring tape, measure the desired length to be cut off.