How do you coexist with the old men in the clubhouse?

How do you coexist with the old men in the clubhouse?

Head over to the Lawn Bowls area east of the clubhouse and talk to the kid with the black hat in the northeast corner. After he suggests wanting to coexist with the old men, return to Jerome and talk to him. Things seem okay until a stray golf ball sours the mood.

Are vintage golf clubs worth anything?

The key to the value of vintage golf clubs is the supply and demand. Certain models are highly sought after, so they may be more expensive than others. They’re not only valuable but are also playable. And the right collector will drop a decent price for a club that’s in decent condition with all the right features.

What do you do with old golf clubs?

Some charities collect sports equipment to distribute to families in need, and many golf courses accept old golf clubs to use during youth teaching seminars and summer camps. If one of the organizations is interested, make the necessary arrangements to deliver your clubs and ask if the organization provides a tax receipt.

Where can I find the old club?

He will give you the tracker and tell you to dig in the area’s Wee Links. Head to the northeast area to a hole surrounded by sand. Dig and collect the Old Club.