How do I use the bolas in ladder golf?

How do I use the bolas in ladder golf?

The bolas provided with your new Ladder Golf game are connected using special anchors that, under normal game play, will provide a lifetime of use. DO NOT pull excessively on the bolas (tug-of-war) as abuse of the bolas may cause the anchors to pull away from the ball. Do not attempt to wrap bolas around body parts.

How do you make a golf ball game for beginners?

Step 1: Assemble the bases. You will need two of these to play the game. Step 2: To make the bolas, spray paint the golf balls. Once the paint dries, place each ball in a vice and drill holes through center of each golf ball. I used a 5/16″ drill bit for this to accommodate the size of the clothesline.

Can you make hillbilly golf for under 30 dollars?

This is how to make Hillbilly golf for under 30 dollars. It is a fun Summertime activity and great for parties. It is relativley easy, and cheap. The total price came up to 26.68, and I saw you could buy it for 67.00. Also this is my first Instructable, but I have been around it for I think 6 months.

How do you Make A Bola out of a golf ball?

Feed the twine through the center of each ball and knot it on both sides of the ball so that they don’t move around. Make (3) bolas using the one color of golf balls and (3) more of the other color.