How do I add loft to my golf shots?

How do I add loft to my golf shots?

Adding loft will allow you to carry your shot with the wind, clear higher obstacles and land the ball more softly on quick fairways. Place the ball just off of your front foot in the front of your stance (left foot for right-handed players). This will allow you to hit the ball as your swing is ascending, creating more loft on the shot.

How to hit a golf ball high?

First, position the ball right in the middle of your legs. [2] Then move it forward 1-2 ball lengths, closer to your front foot. This helps you hit the ball in the ideal spot to send it flying high. [3] Don’t put the ball any more than 1-2 ball lengths towards your front foot.

How do you make a golf ball fly high?

In fact, with irons, you need to swing down on the ball if you want the ball to fly high. If you swing an iron aggressively down through the ball, it creates a backspin which allows the ball to climb through the air as it flies. The ball also stops rather abruptly thanks to the backspin. Hence, this method gives a two-fold desired effect.

Are higher shots in golf better?

However, higher shots are nice when you can pull them off properly. They also come with some useful advantages such as carrying hazards and fly over obstacles more easily. Open the clubface and play the ball forward: By positioning the ball back in your stance, you can de-loft the club more.