How can I reduce the friction of my blisters?

How can I reduce the friction of my blisters?

Using a bandaid is the classic way to reduce friction, but make sure you put the sticky part across the blister so it doesn’t cause more friction making the situation worse. You want to reduce the amount of skin friction not increase it!

How long does it take for a golf blister to heal?

Golf blisters will heal on their own in a few days, if keep on putting pressure or friction to the affected area, it could take two weeks or longer for the blisters to deal. Hold the Club lighter, use athletic tape and wear a Glove to play Golf while the blisters heal.

How do you use athletic tape to prevent blisters?

Athletic tape is an excellent way to reduce friction and play pain-free. Wrap the athletic tape across your hand or index finger. This is not as effective as decreasing your grip or using gloves or finger wraps in eliminating blisters, but it is a terrific way to keep playing while you are preventing blisters.

How to avoid blisters on your fingers when playing golf?

Wearing a golf glove is one of the best methods to avoid blisters on your fingers or hands. Remember that friction is one of the most common causes of blisters. Start bringing gloves in your backpack as soon as possible to avoid excessive friction. If you are very sensitive, you could consider looking at gloves with extra padding.