Does Tom Costner kiss in Tin Cup?

Does Tom Costner kiss in Tin Cup?

They kiss passionately as the movie ends. Tin Cup was based on a story by Ron Shelton and Tim Norville inspired by the vulgar expression, "He’s (She’s) not worth a fart in a tin cup." It was scripted by Norville and received a rewrite from Shelton. Costner joined the project in June 1995, having previous worked with Shelton on Bull Durham.

What inspired Ron Shelton to write Tin Cup?

The conservative approach didn’t pay off (Langer won by four), but it gave Ron Shelton the idea he needed for his movie. Shelton, who directed and co-wrote Tin Cup, talked to John Norville, who co-wrote the film with him, after he saw Beck’s lay up on 15.

What is the movie Tin Cup about?

Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy ( Kevin Costner) is a former golf prodigy who has little ambition. He owns a driving range in West Texas, where he drinks and hangs out with his pal Romeo Posar ( Cheech Marin) and their friends. Dr. Molly Griswold ( Rene Russo ), a clinical psychologist, wants a golf lesson.

What do you need to know about Tin Cup?

But in case you need a condensed version, here are seven factoids that every Tin Cup fan should know. Enjoy. 1. Chip Beck at the 1993 Masters was the inspiration for the movie. During the final round of the 1993 Masters, Beck trailed Bernhard Langer by three with four holes to play, yet he laid up on the par-5 15th at Augusta National.