Does Nike make golf clubs anymore?

Does Nike make golf clubs anymore?

NIKE, Inc. announced today that it will accelerate innovation in its Golf footwear and apparel business and will partner with more of the world’s best golfers. With this new focus, Nike Golf will transition out of equipment — including clubs, balls and bags.

What is the history of Nike in golf equipment?

Nike was in the golf equipment arena a relatively short time. It began selling golf balls in 1999, and in May 2000, Woods ditched his old wound balata for the new solid-core Nike Tour Accuracy ball. One month later, he annihilated the field by 15 shots in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

Why is Nike Golf so successful?

Look, Nike knows success. Phil Knight’s company is the world’s largest sporting goods maker for a reason and accustomed to dominating whatever part of the industry it delves into. But that never really happened since Nike Golf was established in 1998 and first started launching clubs in 2002.

Why is Nike’s Golf unit sales declining?

Nike’s golf unit sales declined by 8% last year, making it the least profitable division in the company and third straight year they have seen a decline. The best reason for this that the Tiger Effect has come and gone. In 1996 Nike signed young golf prodigy Tiger Woods and placed him at the center of all their advertising campaigns.