Do you get a good workout walking the course at Augusta National?

Do you get a good workout walking the course at Augusta National?

You have no idea… Golfers who play Augusta National are sure to get a good workout walking the course. Even the harshest critic would be hard-pressed to call a round at Augusta National “a good walk spoiled,” but the truth is, a round at the home of the Masters is definitely a good walk—a good, long walk.

How many steps does it take to walk all 18 holes?

It took our staffer 9,837 steps to walk all 18 holes at Augusta National. AUGUSTA, Ga. — Even causal golf fans know of the heaving fairways and undulating greens of Augusta National, and how you can’t really grasp just how hilly the course is from watching on TV.

How long is the Augusta National Golf Course?

, PGA Golf Professional with over 25 years of experience in Golf. Augusta National Golf course is 7435 yards long. That is 4.22 miles. There are several walks between greens & tees which will add up to at least 400 yards, that is another .22 of a mile.

How far does it take to walk Augusta national’s average score?

Therefore, if an “average golfer” plays Augusta from the championship tees (course rated at 78.1), forget about scoring 115, or walking 5.275 miles. Chances are, you could cover 8/9 miles walking Augusta with that “average score”. A golf course averages about 6500 yards. For the sake of math, let’s make that 6800. There 1720 yards per mile.