Do women’s golf clubs have graphite shafts?

Do women’s golf clubs have graphite shafts?

Men’s drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids have graphite shafts more frequently than not. Women require lighter clubs to enable them to achieve maximum swing speed and therefore lighter graphite shafts are commonly used on women’s clubs.

What makes a good women’s Golf Club?

This allows for a larger impact area, more forgiving contact and a club that is easier to swing for women who generally tend to have less muscle strength and slower swing speeds than men. The majority of golf clubs for women have graphite shafts. Graphite allows for more flex in the club shaft without giving up durability.

How to choose the right Golf Club for your height?

If you are a taller woman who needs a club longer than a women’s standard length, take a look at men’s senior clubs. The length will be perfect for you, and the shaft is almost the same as the women’s graphite shaft. The overall weight of women’s clubs is less than those of a men’s club.

What is the difference between men’s & women’s golf clubs?

According to major golf club manufacturers such as Callaway and Ping, ladies clubs are generally as much as 2 inches shorter than men’s. For instance, most drivers for men are 45 to 45 1/2 inches long. Most women’s standard drivers measure 44 inches. This length difference applies to all the clubs in the bag.