Did you know Tiger Woods used Daiwa advisor dg-273 Irons?

Did you know Tiger Woods used Daiwa advisor dg-273 Irons?

Every golfer knows that Tiger Woods has used custom Mizuno, Titleist, Nike and TaylorMade blade irons throughout his professional career. But did you know, before he switched to Mizuno irons, Woods used Daiwa Advisor DG-273 irons in 1992 and 1993 as he was dominating the junior circuit?

Are Daiwa Irons any good?

When the pro’s couldn’t tell the difference (so they say) Daiwa went ahead and produced the "cheaper to manufacture" cast version. I use vintage sets of Wilson, Macgregor, Hogan, Mizuno and Spalding and the Daiwa irons are every bit as good as them.

Do they still make Daiwa golf clubs in America?

I am not sure if this applies to "classic" golf, but Daiwa was a brand I saw back in the 1990’s, but you do not see them here in America anymore, though they still sell clubs in Japan. I am presently looking into a set of Daiwa Hi-Trac MF-110 Tour irons.

What happened to Daiwa golf rods and reels?

Following a corporate shakeup that saw parent company Daiwa Seiko Corporation rebrand as Globeride, Inc., Daiwa was slowly phased out of the golf market. Instead, Daiwa only produces rods and reels for fishing. Lawrence Malestic grew up around the game of golf, first as a club caddie at North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Illinois.