Did Tiger Woods add commentary to Jim Nantz'replay of 2019 Masters?

Did Tiger Woods add commentary to Jim Nantz’replay of 2019 Masters?

A day after Phil Mickelson joined CBS’ Jim Nantz to add commentary during the replay of his 2004 Masters win, Tiger Woods did the same for his epic 2019 victory. And the result was spectacular.

What is Jim Nantz doing at the Genesis Invitational?

Genesis Invitational has begun on the 17th of February, and Nantz is the lead announcer for the tournament. He and golf analyst Sir Nick Faldo had a talk with Woods amidst the tournament.

What does Tiger Woods want to see when he returns to golf?

But toward the end of about a 45-minute interview on CBS on Saturday, nearly one year since he suffered multiple leg injuries in a car crash, Woods did give some hint about what he needs to see to return to tournament golf. “I don’t want to come out here and just play,” Woods said when asked about the majors. “That’s how I am.

Is Tiger Woods talking about Augusta National?

Woods, the tournament host at this week’s Genesis Invitational on the PGA Tour, was in the commentary booth speaking to CBS Sports’ host Jim Nantz for a brief period during the final round, and it did not take long for the topic of Augusta National to reach the top of the agenda. Tiger Woods update from CBS. pic.twitter.com/NEUtCPKrpV