Can you use a golf cart on the PGA Tour?

Can you use a golf cart on the PGA Tour?

Casey Martin, a former teammate of Woods’ at Stanford, successfully sued the PGA Tour in 2001 to use a golf cart during events and more recently, John Daly was allowed to use a cart to play the 2019 PGA Championship.

Can Tiger Woods play in a golf cart between shots?

Wood was also asked about the idea of asking the PGA Tour for permission to compete in events while riding in a golf cart between shots. Woods’ friend, Casey Martin, once came to the Tour with that same request and was denied. By the time the courts ruled that Martin could play with a cart, Martin was no longer able to qualify for the top Tour.

Will Tiger Woods ever play in a PGA Tour event?

Not for a PGA Tour event, no. That’s just not who I am,” Woods said. “That’s not how I’ve always been, and if I can’t play at that level, I can’t play at that level.”

Does Tiger Woods need a golf cart at the PNC Championship?

Woods, who is competing this week at the PNC Championship, teaming with son Charlie in the 20-team two-person scramble format competition, shot down the idea that he would request a golf cart to allow him to resume his career after suffering fractures to both the tibia and fibula in his right leg from a car crash in February. “No.