Can You tee off with a fairway wood?

Can You tee off with a fairway wood?

Despite the name, you can tee off with a fairway wood. In his book “How I Play Golf,” Tiger Woods recommends using a fairway wood from light rough, rather than a long iron. Off the tee, hit fairway woods basically the same as a driver. Just tee the ball up a bit lower because the fairway wood is more lofted.

What are fairway woods good for?

As golf technology has improved, so have the design, distance, and forgiveness of fairway woods. This means golfers have plenty of options to maximize their fairway woods’ potential to deliver long, straight shots off the tee, from the fairway, from the rough, and even from fairway bunkers.

What is a fairway club used for?

Fairway woods are designed to hit the ball long distances and are often used from the tee or the fairway. They have a shallower face than a driver and usually a shorter shaft too. The most common clubs are three and five woods. Features: Hybrids are the modern incantation of the old spoon clubs.

What is the difference between a driver and fairway wood?

The face of fairway woods are much shallower than a driver, which keeps the center of gravity lower, allowing you to get the ball airborne from the fairway or rough. Some fairway wood soles are designed to make it easier to hit them from divots or heavier rough.