Can you take a jacket off the course at the Masters?

Can you take a jacket off the course at the Masters?

First off, jackets are reserved for club members and Masters winners. Taking jackets off the grounds is a big no-no, unless you are the most recent Masters champ.

How long do Masters winners get to keep the green jacket?

Masters champions get to keep the green jacket for a year. Specifically, they get to keep the green jacket away from the club for as long as they’re the reigning Masters champion. From the day they win the Masters green jacket, winners can take the green jacket wherever they wish.

Who won the first green jacket at the Masters Tournament?

In 1949, Sam Snead became the first winner to be honored with a green jacket and it was then awarded — retroactively — to all previous winners. One of the many great traditions at the Masters includes having the tournament’s defending champion help the new champion slip into the green jacket.

What is the color of the Masters golf jacket?

The color of the jackets, known as "Masters Green", is actually a shade of brilliant rye green known as "Pantone 342." Horton Smith, Byron Nelson, Henry Picard, Jimmy Demaret, Craig Wood, Gene Sarazen, Herman Keiser at the 1947 Masters.