Can you remove a governor from a golf cart?

Can you remove a governor from a golf cart?

Having taken off your golf cart’s existing governor, you can now place a new one back into its original position and reattach it with screws. If you’re not looking for more speed and just want to maintain the same speed as before, you can leave the governor off.

How fast can a golf cart go without a governor?

Top Speed of a Golf Cart Without Having a Governor The top speed of an EZGO golf cart is usually 19.9mph and the average speed is 14mph to 15mph. With governor adjustment, the EZGO cart can go faster by 5 to 10mph. In other words, the 15mph speed can be raised to 22mph with the adjustment.

How do you adjust the gas pedal on a golf cart?

Locate the gas pedal that is fitted to the governor and remove the connection. Re-route the gas pedal to the carburetor. Remove the bolt present on the shaft of the gas pedal. Slide the shaft upwards so that the gas pedal has more play. Tighten the bolt and start the golf cart.

How do you bypass the governor on an EZGO golf cart?

You can bypass the governor connection in an EZGO or Yamaha G1 golf cart as given below. Remove the cable connecting the carburetor and the governor. Disconnect the connection between the gas pedal and the governor. Connect the gas pedal directly to the carburetor opening.