Can you make a diaper golf bag for a baby shower?

Can you make a diaper golf bag for a baby shower?

After searching pinterest high and low for ideas on diaper cakes, I figured the golf bag was best suited because dad-to-be eats, breathes and sleeps golf. Believe it or not, it was fairly easy to make. Check out below for instructions. I’m so excited about the Diaper Golf Caddy that I made for my sister’s baby shower.

How many diapers do I need to make a diaper bag?

2. Make 4 clusters of 12 diapers (3 in the center, surrounded by 9 more diapers) in the shape of a cylinder and secure with another rubber band (or 2). 3. Stack all 4 cylinder clusters on top of each other so the diapers in each cluster line

How do you hang baby booties on top of golf clubs?

Place baby booties on top of golf clubs 9. Create a stand (I used the cardboard part of a hanger that you get back from the dry cleaner. Just remove the cardboard from the rest of the hanger and bend in half. I didn’t secure this to the diaper caddy but it held up wonderfully and was easily placed almost anywhere to hold the caddy).

How can I Make my Baby’s diapers with pads?

If your baby is a little older (1 or 2) and already has a few pairs of ‘big boy or girl underwear’ around the nursery, then you can make a diaper with pads by attaching them to the inside of the underwear and slip them on like normal. This is not an elegant solution, but it could be helpful in certain situations.