Can you bend a metal club?

Can you bend a metal club?

And provided the hosel of the wood is long enough to allow the bending bar to fit over its length, metal woods can be bent to custom-fit a player. This applies to both face angle and lie. Bending the loft is another story. Bending the hosel toward or away from the face plane, opens or closes the club’s face angle.

Should I bend my golf clubs?

Bending golf clubs is a viable option if you’re looking to adjust the lie angle and loft of your golf clubs. This is helpful if you want to adjust instead of replacing your irons, particularly if their loft angles aren’t as they should be.

What clubheads are clubmakers not allowed to bend?

This is a list of all clubheads that clubmakers are not allowed to bend. The risk that the club will break at the hosel is too high. Even forged clubheads made of the wrong steel cannot be bent. There is basically only one combination that can be bent without risk and without further problems.

What are the benefits of bending clubs?

Although golfers often buy new golf clubs instead of modifying their current irons, bending clubs is a great way to make changes to the loft of your clubs to help you improve your accuracy and consistency. Bending golf clubs also make your irons either slightly shorter or longer.