Are the Bat Wings worth the cost?

Are the Bat Wings worth the cost?

Broke down and purchased the $9.99 daily pack on stage 8 and the last card in the epic purple chest was the Bat Wings! Worth every penny! Been looking at stage 6 for a while. Beginning to think you have to buy those type of clubs. I keep getting clubs in the chests but I don’t see them in my golf bag and can’t use them.

How do you unlock the bat wing and Peacock clubs?

Win the final stage of tournament to unlock the bat wing, peacock clubs ect. They come from legendary chests, which is what you get when you finish the tournament in the top position. Purchase the $9.99 offers and you get good stuff. That’s the case with most every app game.

How do I get the Batwing club?

The Helm club is much better just use special balls to increase or decrease the wind if need be. If you really do want the batwing club just keep playing the tournaments and score equal or less than -29 and you will unlock the legendary chest and should eventually get it there…that’s how I got mine.

Where can I find bat wings?

Bat Wings is a Legendary Card. Your best bet is buying the chest that gives one random legendary card. I actually know the answer to this. The leggo clubs can only come from Legendary chests, its random what club you get though. You will not get a legendary club from a silver, gold or plat chest.