Are Ping Zing 2's Good Irons?

Are Ping Zing 2’s Good Irons?

The PING Zing 2 irons were introduced in 1994 and have since been considered some of the best irons made. The Zing 2’s are cavity back irons with maximum perimeter weighting, making them forgiving on off-center hits. The club face resists twisting at impact with a high Moment of Inertia.

Is the Ping Zing a good playing model?

If you don’t mind a thick top line, the Zing is a good playing model. The concept behind that particular Karrsten Solheim design was to promote straight shots. Back when the Zing and Zing 2 models were introduced, long time Ping players remarked at how much straighter their iron shots flew (compared to the Eye 2 and other previous Ping models).

Are zings good for a 160 handicap?

The Zings are very forgiving and a good option for any handicap. Hit a set of Zing 2 black dots. 160 carry 7 iron. Happy with distances. Unfortunately it was not a full set. 5-pw with an ISI lob wedge. No sand wedge or long irons. Search continues. I did hit them very straight.