Are Maltby clubs any good?

Are Maltby clubs any good?

I have used a maltby club from driver to putter at some point over the last 10 or so years (including 12 of 14 in 2010 or something) Some good, some not so good, but nothing bad at all. More sharing options… What kind of shafts do you have on them?

What is the Maltby playability factor?

All Maltby golf clubs have been designed by the GolfWorks team, following the ‘Maltby Playability Factor,’ which is essentially a way of guaranteeing the quality and precision of all clubs that leave their Ohio workshop.

Are the Maltby heads still sought after?

Saving to get the same lofts in the new finish for my other bag of clubs. Maltby did design for bigger companies as well. Back when everyone played tommy armour clubs he was designing the heads. The Maxfli heads he designed way back are still sought after to this day.

Are the Maltby MMB Irons any good?

If the feedback from our product development test committee is any indication, we succeeded, with honors. The Maltby MMB irons bring a new level of playability rarely seen in the muscle back blade category. Playing 9-4, TTDG stiff soft-stepped in 9-6 and TTDGHL soft-stepped in 5 and 4. Very nice top line, thin.